August 27, 2015

How to Write a Moving Speech

The reason schools and companies invite keynote speakers for their seminars, conferences, and commencement exercises is because people learn a lot from the experiences of such professionals. Should you get this privilege, don’t be afraid. People really go through stage jitters. By knowing how to write a moving speech, you’ll manage your anxiety and keep that confidence within you.

While some keynote speakers hire ghost writers to do the job for them, it will do you good if you know your speech by heart. A good speech might take time to write, or it may just take you minutes to finish your draft. Just as in any composition, three elements are integral in writing a speech. These are content, grammar, and mechanics.

Among the aforementioned three, the content has the highest degree of importance. People may overlook minor flaws in your syntax, but they will not forgive you for a disorganized message. The basics of speech writing are as follows: introduction, body, and conclusion.

Keynote speakers make sure that the introduction is so gripping that it already hooks the attention of the audience. You could begin your speech with a well-known quotation, a rhetorical question, or simply a greeting. Drama is not necessary, but it would also be nice to start with something attention-grabbing.

The body, on the other hand, is the bulk of your message. This part should be well-thought of and well-researched. Decide on the onset what you want to impart to your listeners. Would you want to share your experiences to them? Would you want to provide tips for their careers? Would you want to emphasize a point that is continually being overlooked? Whatever you choose, these questions will help define your speech. Your insights, jokes, and news all give color and flavor to an otherwise bland speech.

Keynote speaker How to Write a Moving SpeechYour conclusion should be as memorable as any part of your speech. It may be a call to action or a personal motto that you would want to leave to your audience. The way you end your speech should be as good as how you would begin it. One technique is to touch the hearts of your listeners. Appeal to them. Make them reflect on what you said. Even if half of the population did not really catch what you said during the entire speech, almost all of them would remember what you are going to say last.

Be mindful of your grammar as you write your speech. Too many errors will destroy your message and your reputation. You don’t have to include highfalutin words which your audience might not understand. Keep your language simple. Follow basic sentence construction and review the rules of subject-verb agreement.

The mechanics of your composition also count. Know when to put the comma, the full stop, or the question mark. While people will not be seeing your speech, they will hear it, and these punctuation marks determine how you are supposed to deliver your sentences. It is best that you get them covered in the writing stage.

Keynote speakers know that speech writing may not be that easy as compared to other disciplines. You cannot just come up with a hash of sentences and wing it. Always keep your audience in mind as you write your draft.

The same rules apply when you hire a ghost writer. One of the drawbacks of making other writers draft your speech is that you lose a certain connection with your audience, and the delivery is sometimes half-hearted. If you really have no choice but to make someone else write for you, at least tell him what you expect out of the speech. Reading the speech several times before you deliver it also eliminates mistakes.

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August 24, 2015

Custom Coins to Recognize and Reward Achievement

If you have a team that deserves recognition or you would like to build morale within your organization, then you can make good use of custom coins. You can give challenge coins as a token to your deserving personnel or team to show them that you appreciate and recognize their efforts.

People who receive challenge coins become aware of their importance and they comprehend that they have reached a complex milestone in the field of their career. Custom coins or challenge coins are quite cherished and it will bring a great boost of morale and team spirit throughout your company. You will be encouraging people to strengthen their resolve and fuel their drives for success. There is no better motivation to passion and achievement than affirmation.

customcoins Custom Coins to Recognize and Reward AchievementWhile challenge coins has been largely and popularly used in the military, the corporate world benefits well from adopting military approaches to incorporating and promoting corporate core values such as loyalty. This is especially true for new recruits. A sense of belonging is oftentimes more appreciated compared to monetary compensation. Majority of employees pursue excellence when they feel that they are an important part of the organization. Salary alone does not improve an employee’s performance nor gives him the determination to work with excellence and quality or work together with the team.

Use custom coins to promote teamwork and increase productivity. These challenge coins provide a tangible reminder to an employee or team’s talent and skills and abilities. It shows that the company appreciates the effort to achieve goals and meet demanding challenges. Company challenge coins are personalized and exclusive, thus making them very coveted pieces of art. A personnel or team that is bestowed a company challenge coin is being honored with value and approval for his essential contribution to the company. Recognition becomes a catalyst for staff to be the best.

If there are only three important core values that should be thoroughly developed and pursued in a company, it is should be these: loyalty, teamwork and innovation. Bestowing challenge coins on deserving personnel who prove that that they are loyal, that they can work successfully with a team and that they are innovative. Once personnel see that these values are recognized in the company, they will strive to build up and mature in these core values as well. This growth will result to increased productivity in the workplace and promote solidarity in the organization. Challenge coins provide your employees a sense of identification with your corporate core values and company vision.

Challenge coins should be something that employees earn. It is something that you bestow to recognize them. Here are some productivity areas that you can reward:

1. Loyalty – Recognize tenure of service for people who have worked for and stayed with the company for ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years.

2. Innovation – Recognize ingenuity and resourcefulness of employees, for example: most improved is operations, developed new sales strategy, etc.

3. Teamwork – Recognize their efforts in working together, for instance: best sales group, best marketing group, etc.

4. You can also recognize the following areas: Initiative, Strategic Leadership, Stewardship, Responsibility

Custom coins build a sense of camaraderie among a group. They also make the recipient aware that they are highly recognized as an important part of the company. Keepsakes serve as a symbol of their corporate values and how the organization values them, thus strengthening their ideals and values and keeping them motivated. They serve as a celebration of a person’s unique characteristics and skills, his ideologies and sense of responsibility.

Motivation and reward through custom coins will allow you to achieve the highest level of performance from your employees but it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot. You just need creativity and heart in order to produce something that will show recognition and value. Challenge coins can be customized to fit your corporate values and budget.

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August 11, 2015

Safety First in Using HCG

It is undeniable that HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, has made a name for itself aside from its primary purpose of curing infertility amongst men and women. Now, the product became one of the safest and fastest ways of losing weight recommended by doctors all around the country. Due to the massive popularity of this dietary aid, many people invested in creating their own formula of the product, aiming to gain huge amounts of money without even showing their customers how effective their product is as a weight loss solution.

hcg Safety First in Using HCGSadly, some of them only sold variants that do not comply with the standards set by medical practitioners as an effective dosage of it, which a person should use in order to lose weight. Our products, however, went through rigorous tests to get a formula that will comply to the set standards that will make the product’s effect felt by the human body immediately.

To shed light on why so many people tried to sell this product, we will unveil everything it gives when you use it to have your extra fats and mass removed from your body, and all the other things you need to do before using it.

• Take your time to learn about the complications of going through the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin dietary plan – Genuine products adhere to the highest quality control procedures set by the law. However, it is still your responsibility to consult your doctor, so you will know if you are currently suffering from any disease that will most likely be aggravated by administering this product.

Aside from the list of diseases written on the label of the product that can possibly get out of control when you use it, feel free to research about other related medical conditions that will take a turn for the worse. Note that while Human Chorionic Gonadotropin dietary supplement is useful in weight loss, it also comes with a few side effects, although minor, so it is best to look for a way to protect yourself from these possible effects.

Ask the professional opinion of a qualified doctor before even taking any amount of the dietary supplement yourself – While you are not required to do this, it can do wonders to have a discussion with a licensed doctor on the reasons why you are going to use HCG. The reason is that these medical professionals can give you an idea regarding the dosage strength that you need for you to feel the effects of the product to its fullest potential.

Do not discount the importance of their guidance when using the product for you to avoid getting any side effects like warm feelings around your legs and/or arms, numbness, episodes of confusion, severe/extended episodes of dizziness, and intense headaches. Once you know about the consequences and benefits of using this dietary aid, you are ready to commit fully to the treatment yourself.

Avoid skipping or abruptly stopping your Human Chorionic Gonadotropin dietary supplement intake as much as possible – Sometimes, you might have the impulse to stop your HCG medication right after you reach your target weight. Alternatively, if by some sort of circumstance, you forget to take the required amount of supplement for a day, you have to keep in mind that it is a bad idea to double your dosage for the next day to recoup your mistake.

Do not give in to these kinds of temptations as doing so might result into some nasty withdrawal effects that will ruin your life. Before stopping or trying to recover from your skipped intake of the supplement, go and seek some professional advice from your doctor as they know better than you do how you can deal with those cases.

Overdosing of the product is also equally devastating – It is also advisable to know the right dosage for you since overdosing is more dangerous than skipping the medication or suddenly stopping your medication. Taking an extremely high dosage of the hormone may initiate a negative reaction. If you are having second thoughts about your recent intake of HCG, do not hesitate to contact your doctor about it. While high dosage is not supposed to have some serious and life-threatening side effect, it is still safe to ask these people for confirmation to avoid putting your life at risk.

We are committed to give you the best and the most affordable HCG dietary supplement your money can buy. We have also made it clear that our company employs the most qualified doctors and medical team to assure that we will only create and deliver products to our consumers that they can count on and do not have immediate threat to their well-being. However, your body is full of surprises, and some of those might not work into your favor; therefore, taking the aforementioned safety initiatives can save you from experiencing your body’s natural defense mechanism that may bring uncomfortable conditions once you decide to use our weight loss product.

Your safety is our priority, so aside from ensuring that we provide the safest version of the hormone, we continue to offer safety reminders before using the product. This can help you achieve weight loss the safest way.

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July 24, 2015

Innovative Ideas: The Success Story of TaylorMade Golf

A single ground-breaking idea can be the start of a very successful business. No matter how outlandish or unusual the thought, an industry leader could be made if that thinker had enough confidence and ambition to see it come to fruition. A real-life example of this principle is Gary Adams, founder of TaylorMade Golf. He proposed and made a formerly absurd invention, changing the game forever after. This article shares the success story of this brand and how it continues innovating the game, and staying at the top.

The success story of TaylorMade Golf started in 1979, when its founder Gary Adams introduced a previously unthinkable product: a wood made of metal. This 12 degree driver, called Metal wood, was cast in stainless steel and performed differently from the traditional wooden wood. Since most of the club’s weight was on the perimeter, it offered more forgiveness on mis-hits while allowing balls to be launched more easily because of its low center of gravity.

For the next thirty years, this company has been at the forefront of innovation, raising golfer expectations and stretching what golfers thought they knew. Adams was resolute that his company’s products should look and feel the way golfers believe they should be. Because of this belief, the company aims to combine authenticity with innovation in their products, to be passionate about golf, and to establish itself and grow.

In 1995, the company produced another game-changer: the Bubble Burner driver shaft.This seemingly major gamble quickly became an international success. Many golfers all over the world fell in love with the copper finish on the driver’s butt end, allowing a firmer grip on the shaft. The shiny copper head easily drew the customers’ attention upon entering the store, while the dark shaft plus the copper bubble lead them to the net level. This design and marketing strategy worked marvelously. Also, the additional grip the copper offers helped beginner golfers. Even after 15 years, when shaft manufacture and technology has improved by miles, you can still see many golfers using this striking club on the field.

Golf bags Innovative Ideas: The Success Story of TaylorMade GolfAfter their stint with bight, orange hues, TaylorMade Golf decided to join the bandwagon of producing golf products in the safer, more favored colors of black and silver. In 2000, they released the 300 series drivers. This series consists of 3 titanium driver lines: the 300 Ti, the 320 Ti, and the 360 Ti. The 360 Ti, arranged as big, bigger, and biggest. The three lines look similar and have the same playing characteristics, but lofts, shafts, weights, and trajectory lines differ between each line. Golfers used the rule of thumb ‘the bigger the handicap, the bigger the head,’ although this would still primarily depend on the player. The 320 Ti is the most popular line or the three, the 300 Ti is the most conservative, and the 360 Ti can produce the longest shots.To this day, many golfers say that TaylorMade Golf is the king when drivers are discussed.

Last June 26, 2014,TaylorMade Golf was declared as the number one putter at the PGA Professionals National Championships in Myrtle Beach. Four out of five models in play were the Spider Putters. The Spider Putters siblings are the Ghost Spider S Putter, the Spider Blade, the Daddy Long Legs, and the Ghost Tour Series. These toe-weighted putters offer wonderful leaps in stability and forgiveness, and are amazing when making that last critical shot.

You, too, can become an industry leader. Learn from Gary Adams and his company. If you have an idea that you think could be a game-changer, try to make it come to life. Create your principles, and place innovation, creativity, and customer satisfaction at the forefront.

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