July 24, 2015

Innovative Ideas: The Success Story of TaylorMade Golf

A single ground-breaking idea can be the start of a very successful business. No matter how outlandish or unusual the thought, an industry leader could be made if that thinker had enough confidence and ambition to see it come to fruition. A real-life example of this principle is Gary Adams, founder of TaylorMade Golf. He proposed and made a formerly absurd invention, changing the game forever after. This article shares the success story of this brand and how it continues innovating the game, and staying at the top.

The success story of TaylorMade Golf started in 1979, when its founder Gary Adams introduced a previously unthinkable product: a wood made of metal. This 12 degree driver, called Metal wood, was cast in stainless steel and performed differently from the traditional wooden wood. Since most of the club’s weight was on the perimeter, it offered more forgiveness on mis-hits while allowing balls to be launched more easily because of its low center of gravity.

For the next thirty years, this company has been at the forefront of innovation, raising golfer expectations and stretching what golfers thought they knew. Adams was resolute that his company’s products should look and feel the way golfers believe they should be. Because of this belief, the company aims to combine authenticity with innovation in their products, to be passionate about golf, and to establish itself and grow.

In 1995, the company produced another game-changer: the Bubble Burner driver shaft.This seemingly major gamble quickly became an international success. Many golfers all over the world fell in love with the copper finish on the driver’s butt end, allowing a firmer grip on the shaft. The shiny copper head easily drew the customers’ attention upon entering the store, while the dark shaft plus the copper bubble lead them to the net level. This design and marketing strategy worked marvelously. Also, the additional grip the copper offers helped beginner golfers. Even after 15 years, when shaft manufacture and technology has improved by miles, you can still see many golfers using this striking club on the field.

Golf bags Innovative Ideas: The Success Story of TaylorMade GolfAfter their stint with bight, orange hues, TaylorMade Golf decided to join the bandwagon of producing golf products in the safer, more favored colors of black and silver. In 2000, they released the 300 series drivers. This series consists of 3 titanium driver lines: the 300 Ti, the 320 Ti, and the 360 Ti. The 360 Ti, arranged as big, bigger, and biggest. The three lines look similar and have the same playing characteristics, but lofts, shafts, weights, and trajectory lines differ between each line. Golfers used the rule of thumb ‘the bigger the handicap, the bigger the head,’ although this would still primarily depend on the player. The 320 Ti is the most popular line or the three, the 300 Ti is the most conservative, and the 360 Ti can produce the longest shots.To this day, many golfers say that TaylorMade Golf is the king when drivers are discussed.

Last June 26, 2014,TaylorMade Golf was declared as the number one putter at the PGA Professionals National Championships in Myrtle Beach. Four out of five models in play were the Spider Putters. The Spider Putters siblings are the Ghost Spider S Putter, the Spider Blade, the Daddy Long Legs, and the Ghost Tour Series. These toe-weighted putters offer wonderful leaps in stability and forgiveness, and are amazing when making that last critical shot.

You, too, can become an industry leader. Learn from Gary Adams and his company. If you have an idea that you think could be a game-changer, try to make it come to life. Create your principles, and place innovation, creativity, and customer satisfaction at the forefront.

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