The main mistakes in photography

    Photography is a widespread sphere of creation nowadays and if approximately 10 years ago it was like a hobby for most of people, nowadays it’s a popular profession. Both amators and professional photographers can make mistakes and to avoid them, it’s necessary to underline the main ones:   Some creators don’t put attention […]

Miles Johnson drawings

Internet is full of different artworks and very often people, who are tired of looking and everything the same, skip something awesome in a variety of clones. Drawings, that are created by Miles Johnson, an illustrator from London, must be seen by everyone.   This young guy created portraits of girls in surreal style, but […]

The history of logo

Logo design is one of the most popular spheres of creation nowadays for many reasons. Lots of creators do their best to reach the success in this field, but a bigger part doesn’t even know the history of a logo. Let’s try to understand what is a logo, where it’s used and what are its […]

Janet Hansen creations

Have you ever heard about Janet Hansen? This lady is a designer, who works in Alfred A. Knopf, a division of Penguin Random House. She has already graduated from the School of Visual Arts, that proves that she is a real professional. She lives in Montclair with her husband and two whippets. For this moment […]

Provocative artworks by Petrina Hicks

If you have never heard about Petrina Hicks, you really lost a lot. This girl from Australia shocks with her creations, because they have double meaning. Let’s take a look! The idea of combining women’s look with animals, especially in such kind of photos can look weird for someone, but mostly people are interested in […]


In sphere of design there are some programs, that are widely used and are known by every creator. It’s impossible to find a designer, who has never heard about Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, but what are the differences? Photoshop is a raster-based, photo editing program, that is a great banner app for web and can […]

Digital Photography Equipment

When it comes to photography, most essential requirement is camera. Right camera makes a huge difference to picture quality. Here is a complied list of facts that you must know about photography equipment in detail. If you are interesting in digital stock photography then you must have a digital camera with you. It is recommended […]

How to shoot stock photography that sells

The demand for stock photography came about through a simple fact: creating professional photographs is expensive and time consuming. The concept behind stock photography is that images can be captured and cataloged by professionals, and then licensed to whomever requires that particular image. Although certain skills are required to produce photography to a level sufficient […]

Making a web design user centered

Website design is a feature of paramount importance that needs to be considered so highly while building a website. It would help the visitors in turning into buyers of your products and services as you attract them to the website with best designed and created interface designs. There are a number of principles which you […]

Digital design essentials

When you are preparing your own digital design it should be creative and original. Originality means thinking independent without taking help from others. Why it is necessary for digital designers to become original thinkers? The reason is quite simple. Originality is always more effective as compared to copied content. Do great designers copy others? This […]

Featured Image:Great wall of China

Just one of the stunning images available at The great wall of China in all of its glory: This image depicts the great wall of China a photograph taken in 1995, contributed to istockphoto by Thundercube this photo is a fantastic depiction of the great wall of China and is just one of many […]

Jingle Jangle: featured Image

Another fantastic example of some of the images available on istockphoto this image of a bunch of colorful keys may look like a simple image, but the work that has gone into creating it is obvious a very artistic and colorful piece it immediately catches your eye it would be ideal for a homepage website […]

Digital Stock Photography

It is possible to view digital photographs on your computer, cell phones and iPhones. With the digital images, stock photography has become more interesting and effective. Now stock photographs are distributed and sold in a completely different way. You have to use a digital camera for digital stock photography. You can also use this camera […]

Coupon Codes

What are coupons? In business terms, coupons are used to research the sensitivity of a varied group of buyers. Coupons are also to many, a necessity because of the shear amount of money they can save, if collected over time. Some coupons just give a small discount, but there are some that give many other […]

Make a Plan to Save

Everyone would love having 100 to 200 coupons available to them all the time, so they can always save without trying to find coupons. Well, if it were that easy, fact is no one would be homeless and everyone would be walking out with everything discounted. In addition, the companies who decided to give all […]

Stock photography agencies

Stock photography agencies and independent photographer For an independent photograph to start out, the most difficult element is Stock photography agencies. If you want to sell your photographs quickly then it is necessary to register with popular stock agencies only. Sometimes, you spend more time on promotion instead of clicking photographs. You just have to […]

Unfolding the latest photography trends

Stock photography is a phenomenon that is ubiquitous and is therefore seen everywhere on the internet as it is a really powerful component of the internet based advertisement and marketing aspects. Stock photography is comprised of the supply of the photographs that are used for specific purposes and therefore licensed. Its use is so common […]