Featured Image:Great wall of China

Just one of the stunning images available at istockphoto.com. The great wall of China in all of its glory:

This image depicts the great wall of China a photograph taken in 1995, contributed to istockphoto by Thundercube this photo is a fantastic depiction of the great wall of China and is just one of many examples of the amazing photography.

This particular image has been viewed over 2500 times and downloaded over 300 times (meaning its not exclusive to me by any means, but you wont find it plastered all over the Internet thats for sure).

I bought this image from istockphoto using an istock promo code for a very reasonable price, I purchased with just the standard license I could have elected to go with an extended license giving me additional  benefits such as extended legal cover in case of infringement/copyright claim issues and so on, as well as certain resell rights. But seeing as I just wanted to post the image on my site here, the standard license was sufficient allowing me to post the item in an editorial fashion, as long as I am not seeing the image, offering prints and so on.


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