Digital Photography Equipment

When it comes to photography, most essential requirement is camera. Right camera makes a huge difference to picture quality. Here is a complied list of facts that you must know about photography equipment in detail.

  • If you are interesting in digital stock photography then you must have a digital camera with you. It is recommended to pick up DSLR camera to control and customize the camera settings manually. Digital cameras are appreciable during social get together. It works great if you are serious about digital photography.
  • There is no alternative for classic tripod when it comes to stability. They are available in different prices and features according to your requirement. You can take quality pictures with tripod that can be done with a handheld camera only. In case of improper lighting, you need tripod with you otherwise it will result into a blurry mess.
  • Memory card is basic requirement with any digital camera. If you want to store unlimited photos and videos then you can use memory card in your digital camera. It is recommended to use at least two memory cards for best results. There is nothing worse than you are not able to store pictures just because of shortage of memory.
  • Similar to memory card, the other essential requirement is batteries. Every time you are going for long journey, your camera should be fully charged. A digital camera means nothing without batteries. Latest DSLR camera works amazingly when it comes to battery. If you are on a long journey then don’t forget to take other battery just for battery backup.
  • Camera bag is not essential but it is good for protecting your digital camera against damage. Camera bag also keeps also digital camera safe and clean. It is the place where you can store extra lenses, memory cards and batteries and other photography equipment.  Cute and nice bags are good for completing all your requirements in your price.
  • There should be a Zoom option with the camera lenses for clicking the photos closely. Macro lenses and basic zoom are excellent combination to start with digital photography. Most of the digital cameras are integrated with these excellent features.
  • There is also digital photo editing software for customizing graphic file. Just copy the media files on your computer and start editing them according to your requirement. You can customize background lighting or red eye effect. This is the best way for making your photographs more interesting and incredible.

How to shoot stock photography that sells

The demand for stock photography came about through a simple fact: creating professional photographs is expensive and time consuming. The concept behind stock photography is that images can be captured and cataloged by professionals, and then licensed to whomever requires that particular image.

Although certain skills are required to produce photography to a level sufficient to be sold as stock, the barriers to entry are reasonably low and the production and sale of stock photography can generate a substantial revenue stream to anyone with a reasonable amount of photographic skill, time and enthusiasm.

If you are a keen photographer and want to make a living from producing and selling stock photography, there are some pointers that you would be wise to follow before you dive into the industry.

In this article I aim to outline the most important of those pointers.


Before anything else, the first and foremost starting point as with any new project, is research. it is very important to know the market you are entering into, know your competition and to have a reasonable idea of the demand for what you are planning to offer.

Once you have your desired subject matter in mind, search all of these websites and find all of the similar stock that you can – check views, downloads, quantities and so on to give yourself a feel for:

  1. How much demand there is for stock in your chosen niche
  2. How much competition there is for stock in your niche

With this information you can build a picture of how much demand there is likely to be for stock within your niche – if the demand is very low, it may be wise to either re-think your niche, or branch out your research and find an area within or slightly outside of your niche where there is more demand – don’t be clouded by your favorite subject matter, be realistic when doing this research otherwise you may find yourself investing your time in a futile project.

Popular Niches

Fashions in stock imagery change with time but in general you can count on the following niches being popular and you can also explore offshoots of each niche and likely experience similar popularity:

  • Portrait photography – images of people historically always sell reasonably well – whether its a generic photograph suitable for a website splash, or a descriptive scene to go with magazine article, people always sell well.
  • tourism and Travel – Photographs of world locations that capture some essence of the place they portray always tend to sell well.
  • Conceptual photography – photographs that contain a concept or describe a situation always sell well – for example “children at play” – a good tip when taking these types of photos is to give them a caption, if you can think up an interesting and appropriate caption, they will likely sell reasonably well.

Select your market place and study the guidelines

Once you have decided upon your niche, find the site(s) that best fit this category and then study the submission guidelines of the site(s) in question – find out the submission process, exactly what sort of media is acceptable, formats, timescales and so forth – the better prepared you are in terms of submission guidelines, the less time you will waste when taking photos for submission.

Its actually a great idea at this stage to print of or save the guidelines for later reference.

Taking the Shot

Once you have decided upon subject matter, its time to get practical. At the least you need a reasonable camera – most digital cameras are sufficient to start, but you will get more from a more advanced camera if you are proficient in its use.

A tripod is not a necessity but will greatly improve the quality and sharpness of your shots, so I would highly recommend the purchase of one before you start taking serious photos.

The sharpness of the photograph is extremely important and will provide a much more appealing image than one that is even imperceptibly off focus.

Most important however is the composition of the photograph – this is the factor that cant make one image stand out from a thousand.

Composition is about making the image fit, drawing in the eye of the viewer and telling the story of the image through the layout of the piece.

A good composition will draw the viewer to every detail of the image and will refuse there exit from the photograph thus captivating there attention for as long as possible.

A simple rule for getting the perfect composition is the rule of thirds.

The theory behind the rule of thirds is the division of a “space” into 9 sections – created by two horizontal lines and two vertical lines equally spaced. The primary features of an artwork/photograph should sit on the lines and/or intersections of lines in order to captivate the viewer.

Once you have lined up the shot, perfected the composition and are ready to shoot, take several snaps of the subject – later on you can pick the best shot of each subject – another important step in ensuring the highest quality images are selected for submission.

Catalog and Submit

At the end of a shoot I would always advise you to get the images onto the computer as soon as possible, check all of the images over thoroughly and after picking only the very best shots catalog everything with a full description, short caption and set of keywords – the more religiously this is done, the easier submission will be, as you will have all of the information ready to hand and also you will have full descriptions of each image fresh from taking – rather than looking back at old photographs and missing the original idea/concept.

The last thing to do before final submission is a last quality check of all images – one of the best final checks for an images quality is to take a thumbnail of each image – even if you just mask of each image with your hand, and see how it looks – remember this is how your images will always be viewed first by potential buyers, and thus it is the most important angle for your photographs. If they don’t look good as thumbnails, they may not sell.

Take one final read of the submission guidelines for the site you plan to upload your images to, and then you are ready to submit, and wait for the sales

Making a web design user centered

Website design is a feature of paramount importance that needs to be considered so highly while building a website. It would help the visitors in turning into buyers of your products and services as you attract them to the website with best designed and created interface designs. There are a number of principles which you would need to follow for creating highly effective designs which can add to the gratification of your visitors. Firstly, you should never make the users think by making information and instructions so obvious for them. You must not create question marks in brains of the users by making the navigation and overall site more intuitive. Otherwise, the users would find it difficult to comprehend how the system is supposed to work. Moreover, you should never test a website visitor’s patience by making complex forms and asking for too much information upfront.

The service of a website should ideally be highly user friendly and as robust as possible for attaining their maximum satisfaction. The visitor should be able to instantly recognize any motions, patterns, site structure, etc. of a website without much of fuss. You should try your best to make a web design based on communication of features that you want your visitors to get attracted to instantly.

It would also include making the visitor understand clearly about availability of certain functions. Moreover, you should always strive hard for effectively writing the text you use in a web design. Avoid using abbreviations, technical terms, etc. in a web page and try your best to talk business. In web design, also strive for simplicity and follow the “keep it simple” principle at all times for achieving best results. Lastly, it is true that should think out of the box in web designs but never make it the only measure of a good design as conventional designs would really help your visitors in understanding the site functionality properly.

Digital design essentials

When you are preparing your own digital design it should be creative and original. Originality means thinking independent without taking help from others. Why it is necessary for digital designers to become original thinkers? The reason is quite simple. Originality is always more effective as compared to copied content.

Do great designers copy others? This is the most common question discussed over social media websites and design communities. It is true that most of the great designers are popular because of their copied content that they have copied from other experts or experienced ones. But there is lot of difference between copied technique and copied design. You can learn techniques through tutorial and their personal experience that they have shared over web. It is not surprising that it takes multiple years in becoming an original thinker.

Why designers lack originality?

If originality is primary factor to consider then why lots of designers are still using copied content. The Internet may be the reason for duplicate content. Today, we don’t think from our mind. We just enter the keyword and try to find it over Google search engine. It is appreciating the way designers are interacting on Facebook and twitter. But it is also threatening at the same time when we are searching content over web.

You can find great tutorials over Internet to become a designer. At the same time, you can also check the techniques and designs available online. These techniques will surely help them in improving their skills but also keeps a full stop on original thinking. The result is that most of designer copy graphic design pixel to pixel and claim it as their own.

It is easy to solve the problem. Read the techniques carefully and try to implement your original idea every time you are creating a graphic design for your website.

Tips for creating original digital designs

  • Break the rules and start thinking beyond the limit. Obviously to break the existing rules, you first have to understand them.
  • You should implement multiple ideas by different designers. Don’t restrict yourself to a single web source. Browse multiple websites just to know about latest designs and trend. This is the best way to create something new and different.
  • Don’t make the digital designing as a career option or single source to make a living. It would be great to use designing instructions as our passion for creating powerful and attractive content.
  • Try to step out from your comfortable zone. If you are expert in logo designing, this time you can try packages.

Featured Image:Great wall of China

Just one of the stunning images available at The great wall of China in all of its glory:

This image depicts the great wall of China a photograph taken in 1995, contributed to istockphoto by Thundercube this photo is a fantastic depiction of the great wall of China and is just one of many examples of the amazing photography.

This particular image has been viewed over 2500 times and downloaded over 300 times (meaning its not exclusive to me by any means, but you wont find it plastered all over the Internet thats for sure).

I bought this image from istockphoto using an istock promo code for a very reasonable price, I purchased with just the standard license I could have elected to go with an extended license giving me additional  benefits such as extended legal cover in case of infringement/copyright claim issues and so on, as well as certain resell rights. But seeing as I just wanted to post the image on my site here, the standard license was sufficient allowing me to post the item in an editorial fashion, as long as I am not seeing the image, offering prints and so on.


Jingle Jangle: featured Image

Another fantastic example of some of the images available on istockphoto this image of a bunch of colorful keys may look like a simple image, but the work that has gone into creating it is obvious a very artistic and colorful piece it immediately catches your eye it would be ideal for a homepage website image, or an image to tie in with a new advertising feature perhaps.

One of the great things about these sort of images is the white background although it is a real object, the stark background serves to illuminate the image and give it a surreal persona making the image appear almost perfect.

Again this was not an expensive image somewhere around $8/£5.

A fantastic attribute to any editorial or website, and something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Find more images like this from  – and remember, dont forget your istock promo code!

Digital Stock Photography

It is possible to view digital photographs on your computer, cell phones and iPhones. With the digital images, stock photography has become more interesting and effective. Now stock photographs are distributed and sold in a completely different way. You have to use a digital camera for digital stock photography. You can also use this camera with your computer or LCD television. You can add multiple special effects for making your photography more interesting and desirable. You can use these images in your email or you can also get the print out for the same. If you want to make a CD or DVD then it is also possible with digital stock photography.

After making necessary modification to the photograph, you can submit these images to stock agencies. You can also design your personal website to launch your best photographs over web. If you are running a website, ask other photographers to add their images on your website. Digital photographs are widely used by web designers, advertisers, and web commercials.

It would be great to add photos on your website according to category. With different categories, it is easy for buyers to browse these pictures online. Most of the digital photographers are related to wildlife, food, and natural scenes. But there are endless categories to include your all possible digital photographs over web. If someone is interested in your photograph then you can mail him directly for reducing delivery cost and time.

Some digital photographs have no copyright issues. They are available for free over web. You can use them anywhere according to your requirement. Digital technology has added a new dimension to stock photography as they are sold, marketed, or distributed. You will surely enjoy a bright future with digital stock photography. If you are completely new to this field then here are some digital photography tips to start your career.

Always think a good concept when you are dealing with digital stock photography. Background lighting should always be perfect for amazing digital photography experience. You can use different lighting setups for excellent viewing experience. Try to make your image colorful and natural. Be consistent in improving your digital photography skills. Try to use innovative skills every time you are planning for shooting new digital photograph collection. Keep one fact in your mind that practice is always a good tool in every possible field. Try to interact with professional photographers for amazing digital photography experience and tips.

Coupon Codes

What are coupons?

In business terms, coupons are used to research the sensitivity of a varied group of buyers. Coupons are also to many, a necessity because of the shear amount of money they can save, if collected over time. Some coupons just give a small discount, but there are some that give many other great discounts.
Food Coupons
The grocery coupons have the benefit of being usable with most retailers and not with only one brand or shop. As the other varieties of coupons, grocery coupons are intended for people who are willing to save revenue when buying groceries nonetheless also to direct men and women towards obtaining a new type of product which ordinarily will not have as a good deal of shoppers as with the grocery coupons. They might also be used to grow the sales of a specific newspaper i.e., as a number of individuals who have discovered the savings they can do with these coupons, are apt to obtain more than just one copy of that newspaper or magazine.
Poverty Coupons
The welfare coupons are coupons given to people who are considered to be living in poverty or at risk of living in poverty. In 2008 in the United States, 19% of folks fewer than 18 years, 11.7% of individuals aged 18 to 64 years and nine.7% of people aged 65 & older were living in poverty. In accordance with the U.S. Census, over 39 million individuals were living in poverty in the United States, in 2008 which gets the total poverty rate to 13.2%. However there are numerous social programs intended to help these individuals and whereas a lot of them supply cash payments for a particular number of hours worked in different activities, most of these programs supply welfare coupons that come primarily as grocery coupons.
These coupons are for people who do not have much money, but they need to eat to stay healthy at the least. There are also similar programs that help people in poverty such as WIC for women with kids, but most of the poverty majority uses Food stamps.  The WIC program is limited to only pregnant women and their children under the years of five. People will receive the WIC coupons only once per month. Also people who want to donate money or even adopt a pet can get coupons or promo codes to be used on a variety of products.
Coupons are just like promo codes because they are both manufactured by the company who wants to draw more consumer attention to their products. If you collect a good amount of them for a certain company you can get up to maybe 70-90% off of every one of their items. But, it is not that easy to collect all those tickets. Some websites list them for you, so you can just search for coupons on the internet, you should find a good supply of them. Most of them will be used and available, so make sure to use them before the promo codes expire.

Make a Plan to Save

Everyone would love having 100 to 200 coupons available to them all the time, so they can always save without trying to find coupons. Well, if it were that easy, fact is no one would be homeless and everyone would be walking out with everything discounted. In addition, the companies who decided to give all those discounts will take them back, because they aren’t making any money now that people are getting so much discounted. But, that is never going to happen because coupons are not made that readily available at the current moment. Even though there are websites on the internet made from the ground up to post all the available discounts possible for any kind of store. Now also remember that these websites also need to make money, so there is a catch to getting the coupons, usually you sign up or to go look at something else, etc. It is essential, if you ever want to have those 100 to 200 coupons all the time, to make a great plan to get the latest promo codes or the latest discount codes available at the moment.

Methods to Plan

  • Check the weekly advertisements to get a good glimpse. Read the weekly shop adverts to see what is on sale & which shops have the best charges on the items you need. In the event you do not get the weekly ads delivered you can ordinarily view them on the stores website.
    See if you can match coupons to the sale items to get an even better deal! A few internet sites do this for you. Couponing 101 gives weekly coupon matchups for CVS, Walgreens, Albertsons, Brookshires, & Kroger.
  • If you find a 99¢/lb at Kroger, you can take the ad to Walmart and at checkout tell the cashier that you would like to pricematch the grapes. Show them the ad & they will sell you the grapes for 99¢/lb versus their further fee.
  • Always in life, making a list about anything is always easier and much more productive for the average person. Do not go to the retail outlet without a list. Lists remind you what you came for and keep you from purchasing items you dont need.
  • Use rainchecks to get items that are not there yet, this is a smart method to use all the time, why wait when you can just order and get it when it arrives? They will fill out a piece of paper with the item particulars and charge. Then you can come back yet another day (most often no more than 30 days) & get that item at the sale price by giving the cashier the raincheck. This also gives you more time to gather coupons for the item! You could nonetheless use a coupon should you are employing a raincheck.

Once you have a solid plan, just execute it on a steady basis and the amount of promo codes or coupons you get will be increasing daily over time.

Stock photography agencies

Stock photography agencies and independent photographer

For an independent photograph to start out, the most difficult element is Stock photography agencies. If you want to sell your photographs quickly then it is necessary to register with popular stock agencies only. Sometimes, you spend more time on promotion instead of clicking photographs. You just have to know the right source to promote your photographs over web. As a young photographer, there are lots of problems associated with your photography. If you are also included in the same category then contact the stock agencies immediately.

The biggest reason for joining stock agencies is that they are responsible for handling all of your promotion and selling job. There are thousands of photographers already registered with popular stock agencies but they are looking for new talents always. You just spend your full time on photo shooting and leave the rest things over photo stock agencies.

How stock photography agencies work?

When you are going to submit your best collection to popular stock agencies then you are surely looking for long term investment with the companies. In few cases, you could have to wait for at least four to six months to receive the payments. If you are a new photographer then your work will be scanned every time you are adding new photographs to your profile. Approval process may take time for marketing your photographs.

You have to register for a particular stock agency and they will ask you for a contract. The contract gives them full right to market your images and make them available for sell. It may take around five or seven years when websites stop scanning for new photographs and you can submit images directly to your stock photography account. The contract with stock agencies is also available for a specific time limit then you need to renew it.

Stock agencies are selling the images with copyrights to the buyer. Most of the stock agencies work on commission basis. They are getting big amount every time they are selling a photograph to potential buyer. In this way, it is a profitable deal for both stock agencies as well as the sellers. You can upload fifty to five hundred images per month depends on agency to agency. Don’t forget to check the terms and policies of stock agencies when you are going to register an account with popular companies. You can easily check reviews and customer feedback online. This is the best way for every individual if he wants to make a reliable deal.

Unfolding the latest photography trends

Stock photography is a phenomenon that is ubiquitous and is therefore seen everywhere on the internet as it is a really powerful component of the internet based advertisement and marketing aspects. Stock photography is comprised of the supply of the photographs that are used for specific purposes and therefore licensed. Its use is so common because it then replaces the need for an expert photographer and provides you with the facility to obtain photographs at lower cost.

These stock photography trends however change with time, as in recent years the DSLR cameras were in great use so they were tending higher on the scene, and such other trends. In 2012 these dynamic and exciting stock photography trends are considered to unfold. One of the trends seen emerging on the search engines is that of; “saving money” which in essence means that the user wants the pictures with lower prices attached to them.

However, if you are a stock photographer it would also imply that you need to produce more images on this phrase of “saving money”. Another trend that is relevant to the stock photographer is to know about the sharing of these photographs. Up till 2009, Flickr was mostly used and trending higher for photograph sharing but now Facebook is increasingly taking the market of Flickr. It is also because the work “facebook” has become so common and is therefore a platform now with so many users sharing their photographs on it. It is expected to rise in coming times too.

Wedding photographs are also in high trend which is nothing new, but in winters especially in January this trend of wedding photographs on search engine becomes the highest. Moreover, one aspect is of using the flash technology in websites of these stock photographs which is not a good idea due to so many reasons. Use and access of flash websites for photographs has been reducing and is expected to reduce further. But the trend of HTML5 is expected to grow even more as it is growing now.