Make a Plan to Save

Everyone would love having 100 to 200 coupons available to them all the time, so they can always save without trying to find coupons. Well, if it were that easy, fact is no one would be homeless and everyone would be walking out with everything discounted. In addition, the companies who decided to give all those discounts will take them back, because they aren’t making any money now that people are getting so much discounted. But, that is never going to happen because coupons are not made that readily available at the current moment. Even though there are websites on the internet made from the ground up to post all the available discounts possible for any kind of store. Now also remember that these websites also need to make money, so there is a catch to getting the coupons, usually you sign up or to go look at something else, etc. It is essential, if you ever want to have those 100 to 200 coupons all the time, to make a great plan to get the latest promo codes or the latest discount codes available at the moment.

Methods to Plan

  • Check the weekly advertisements to get a good glimpse. Read the weekly shop adverts to see what is on sale & which shops have the best charges on the items you need. In the event you do not get the weekly ads delivered you can ordinarily view them on the stores website.
    See if you can match coupons to the sale items to get an even better deal! A few internet sites do this for you. Couponing 101 gives weekly coupon matchups for CVS, Walgreens, Albertsons, Brookshires, & Kroger.
  • If you find a 99¢/lb at Kroger, you can take the ad to Walmart and at checkout tell the cashier that you would like to pricematch the grapes. Show them the ad & they will sell you the grapes for 99¢/lb versus their further fee.
  • Always in life, making a list about anything is always easier and much more productive for the average person. Do not go to the retail outlet without a list. Lists remind you what you came for and keep you from purchasing items you dont need.
  • Use rainchecks to get items that are not there yet, this is a smart method to use all the time, why wait when you can just order and get it when it arrives? They will fill out a piece of paper with the item particulars and charge. Then you can come back yet another day (most often no more than 30 days) & get that item at the sale price by giving the cashier the raincheck. This also gives you more time to gather coupons for the item! You could nonetheless use a coupon should you are employing a raincheck.

Once you have a solid plan, just execute it on a steady basis and the amount of promo codes or coupons you get will be increasing daily over time.

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