The history of logo

Logo design is one of the most popular spheres of creation nowadays for many reasons. Lots of creators do their best to reach the success in this field, but a bigger part doesn’t even know the history of a logo. Let’s try to understand what is a logo, where it’s used and what are its functions.

What is a logo?


First of all, the logotype is a design, which symbolizes the organization, it’s a sign, symbol or an emblem. It conveys the identity of any product, company, campaign or concept in as memorable a way as possible.


How are logos used?


The logo is such thing, that can be used in absolutely different forms, contexts, and sizes. Everything depends on the company, that a logotype is created for, its main goals and rules. It’s obvious that trademarks of a cafe and of an IT-company would be different.


Qualities and functions of a logo


Many things have to be taken into attention in process of logo creation and trends are the main one. The most widespread trend of the last years is simplicity and it’s not only in the sphere of design, it’s everywhere. So logos also have to be simple, not over complicated and their idea has to be clear after the first sight. Exactly such trademarks are the most eye-catching, can be easily read, remembered and recognized among the other ones.


The main function of any logo is to catch the attention of the potential audience, be memorable and help to connect with the customers.


Where have logos come from?


It may be surprising for someone, but logos started their history in far from us Ancient Egypt. Egyptians marked their houses with hieroglyphs to show their ownership and exactly these marks are the first logos, that were seen.


The next step was done by Ancients Greeks and Romans, who marked their pottery to identify the manufacturer.


From the far 12th century up to medieval times, heraldic designs that were the coats of arms were used to identify the status and property of the nobility.


At the beginning of the 20th century, the birth of advertising industry took place, because of the introduction of color printing and logo designers started using different images in their creations. Such process let the audience clearly understand the meaning of trademarks, but anyway, it was a period of over complicated logos, because designers couldn’t use new methods with a brain.


Logos nowadays are quite intelligent graphic images that are carefully designed to impart their concepts, consciously and subconsciously also, that are made for recognition by a specific target audience. To find the best ones there’s a possibility to look through the logo design stores, that are full of best examples.


One of the most important parts in the creation process is to get the idea for a logo. This procedure is almost the same as the process of selecting the name. First of all, you have to determine what your logo should say about your company and also you should remember that there are many different ways to represent your brand.

You may come up with an image related to a business like a car for a car dealership or you can use just an abstract image that would represent the philosophy of a company.


Logos may be related to many different aspects of business you work with, depending on the purpose of the company and its marketplace. Sometimes logos can be related to a particular place, industry, or even a person, as it can be seen on logos of many companies.


Nowadays it’s quite easy to create a logo design for your business because the Internet is full of such ones. Look through hundred of portfolios and choose the best ones, because an attractive and unique logo is one of the most important parts of branding process and it’s quality influences directly on the quantity of your customers.


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